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Vacuum cleaner bags

Thrifty friends…..something to look for when you’re thrifting is vacuum cleaner bags.  Hoover and Eureka’s are easiest to find, but I FREQUENTLY find Electrolux bags for the canister vac I inherited from Mom and Dad–haven’t paid retail for those in years—-saves me a BUNDLE as vac bags are getting expensive–just having a thrifty moment….

About Celeste

Perfectionist extraordinaire (so my life is in a constant state of chaos). Love to sew, but never do...a little crafty and can innovate in a pinch. Eats too much sugar, watches too much tv (but I'm trying not to), and adores her children (except when they're driving me crazy). Making a life with my soul mate on our little farmlette in northeast Nebraska. One thing is for sure....No matter where you go, there you are.

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